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January 2020



Sadly, with Christmas fast approaching and another year drawing to its close, peace and goodwill are in short supply.

In the UK a hung parliament has proved ineffective in managing the divisive issue of policeBrexit. Although Parliament is now no longer in gridlock, there seems little prospect that the elected government will be able to resolve the problem easily.

hong kongFurther afield, demonstrators in Hong Kong argue their case to keep separate from mainland China amid scenes of increasing violence.

Across the globe Extinction Rebellion activists warn of climate breakdown, pointing to the increasing severity of weather events, as witness disastrous flooding in South Yorkshire and Venice, and catastrophic fires in Australia and

In short, we're lost in a maze of our own making with no obvious way out!

But all is not lost...

Yet there is an answer! Two thousand years ago God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to an equally troubled world. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and foretold his birth:

The Nativity'And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a son, and you shall call his name JESUS. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest, and the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David.'(Luke 1:31-32)

The Bible tells us that the Jewish authorities conspired to have Jesus crucified. But God's plan was not to be frustrated and on the third day Jesus was raised from the dead to newness of life. Even now he sits at the right hand of God, awaiting the time of his return when he will reign from David's throne in Jerusalem over a world at peace.

God's Kingdom Manifesto!scales

The Bible tells us that King Jesus will:

• Rule with justice and fairness

'With righteousness he shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth, he shall strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked.' (Isaiah 11:4)

• Help the poor and needy

'He will spare the poor and needy, and will save the souls of the needy. He will redeem their life from oppression and violence; and precious shall be their blood in his sight.' (Psalm 72:13-14)

• Bring world peace

'He shall judge between many peoples, and rebuke strong nations afar off; they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation....' (Micah 4:3)

• Remove hungerearth wheat_2

'There will be an abundance of grain in the earth. On the top of the mountains the fruit shall wave like Lebanon; and those of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth.' (Psalm 72:16)

• Judge impartially and without respect of persons

'He shall not judge by the sight of his eyes, nor decide by the hearing of his ears; but with righteousness he shall judge the poor.' (Is. 11:3-4)

• Take away pain, sorrow and ultimately even death

'God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.' (Revelation 21:4)

God will keep His promise!

God gives us a cast-iron guarantee that these things will come to pass, because he raised His Son, Jesus Christ, from the dead:

'God... now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising him from the dead.' (Acts 17:30-31)vote 2

So, who really deserves your vote? Surely it can only be Jesus Christ, the coming King of the world!

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12 January      The Bible from scratch - Exodus


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2 February       The Bible from scratch - Deuteronomy


9 February       Lessons from the NT – the Ethiopian eunuch


16 February     Living the Christian life: what does it mean in practice?


23 February     Lessons from the NT – Priscilla and Aquila


1 March           Lessons from the NT – the disciples on the road to Emmaus


8 March           Why the Jews are still God’s people


15 March         Is there life after death?


22 March         Is humanity facing extinction?


22 March         Christ is coming – Bible teaching about his return




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