from the Ipswich Christadelphians

January 2012

Taking Stock

 At this time of year, when one year comes to an end and a new year draws near we find ourselves taking stock – maybe even making resolutions for the New Year. 

A world in crisis

The year 2011 has seen our troubled world in crisis:

After the banking crisis, sovereign debt problems dominate the Eurozone.   Ireland, Greece and more recently Italy are struggling to service their national borrowings, and the leading credit rating agencies are threatening to down-grade their ratings of strong nations like France and Germany.   Will this signal the end of the EU, or will a more exclusive federal Europe emerge?

tunisa protestThe  ‘Arab spring’ has spread like a contagious disease.   First, the toppling of the regime in Tunis, then president Hosni Mubarak forced to step down in Egypt, followed by turmoil in Libya leading to the deposition of Colonel Gadaffi.   As we write, savage repression in Syria is in danger of shaking the Middle East in ways that even the revolution in Egypt did not.

The state of Israel continues to fight for survival in the face of increasing hostility.   In the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, there is an ‘axis of terror’ in the Middle East fuelled by Iran, Syria and terrorist organisations smuggling weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas.


tsunamiThere has been a spate of natural disasters.   The devastating earthquake in New Zealand in February, was followed by an even greater disaster in Japan triggering a tsunami which killed thousands and sparked a nuclear crisis resulting in radiation contamination.   Severe flooding in Pakistan continues to threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of children from killer diseases, and famine in the Horn of Africa is causing untold suffering and death from starvation.

 Nearer home, mindless rioting and looting took place in London and other major cities.   Youth unemployment is at record levels and for many people home ownership is becoming an impossibility.   Anti-capitalist protesters outside St Paul’s cathedral in London and in Manhattan in the USA grabbed the headlines for a time but have made little impression on greedy bankers.


The signs of the times

This depressing catalogue of events bears an uncanny resemblance to the way Jesus said the world would be immediately before his return to set up God’s kingdom.   Turn to Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and see how Jesus highlights the following:

  • Earthquakes and extremes of weather.
  • Political and social unrest.
  • People fearful of what the future might hold.
  • Watch!   Especially Israel – God’s chosen people of old.


Back to the Bible – the Word of God

bible studyNow, more than ever before, is the time to read the Bible and discover God’s plan of salvation.   Without God’s intervention things are going to get worse, not better, whatever politicians might say.   Our only realistic hope is that He will send his Son, Jesus, back to the earth soon to subdue the nations and establish the Kingdom of God, reigning from Jerusalem over a world at peace.

Then wars will be at an end, famine and starvation will be no more, and disease and even death itself will be things of the past.   What a wonderful prospect!

Make salvation your resolution for the New Year!

Our programme of Sunday talks is over the page.   We start with God’s  offer of salvation through belief and baptism into the saving name of His Son.   Then we look in more detail at the signs of the times and move on to a series of talks on plain Bible truth.   Please come and join us!

Accept God’s offer of salvation, and the future is bright!


‘ is high time to wake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.’   (Romans 13:11)