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Christadelphians have been meeting in Ipswich for over 100 yrs. 

We are disciples of Jesus who try to base our beliefs and practises wholly on the Bible which we believe to be the Word of God, while we wait for the return of Christ.  

Our regular services include: 'Sunday School',  'Breaking of Bread' and 'Bible Talks' on Sundays; 'Bible Class' on Wednesdays and 'Bible Discussion Group' on Thursdays.  Most of these meetings are held at Castlehill Community Centre in Ipswich and all visitors will be warmly welcomed. You will find a schedule of our Bible Talks by clicking on the Anglia Good News  or Coming Events tab.

 Our services follow a simple pattern with prayers, songs and hymns, Bible readings and a talk or a discussion. We don't have paid ministers or clergy; we organise all our services and other activities ourselves. Most of our members are involved in organizing or leading our activities and this leads to an interesting variety of approaches.

All of us are encouraged to pray and read the Bible and to have a sound knowledge of its teachings  so that we can apply them in our daily lives. It is our custom to read the Bible every day, using a Daily Reading Plan which enables us to read the whole of the Old Testament in a year and the New Testament twice. Click on our Bible in a Year tab to access this, or for informative comments on each chapter try the  reading plan . We also frequently meet together to read, discuss, learn and be stimulated spiritually from the Bible.  

Our Sunday school is held during school term and aims to teach positive Bible-based values in a lively and interesting way and to give a sense of purpose to our children.  




If you would like further information on our regular events at Castle Hill Community Centre please follow the events link below.

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If you would like further information about us and our beliefs please email us by selecting the 'Contact Us' button below, or call us on 01473714555.

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